Slider What You Can Do — 10 February 2012
Time to Have Your Say Campaign
Some Good News This Month As Over 100 MPs Have Now Written To The Prime Minister Urging Him to Cut Subsidies For Wind Turbines.
The MPs also want current planning rules changed. Their aim is to give us back more of a local say on what happens in our countryside & communities.
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This Great Result has not just happened over night and a lot of hard work has been done behind the scenes over the last six months and We Would Like to Thank All Concerned For Their Dedication And Hard Work.

As a group we fully support this action and have also now written to the Prime Minister backing the 101 MPs.
See a Copy of a Recent Letter Here

In our latest campaign “Time to Have Your Say” we are asking that you all now write individual letters to the Prime Minister backing the MPs Against Wind, this is your chance to have your say at the top level. We are not against renewables in general, however we do think that the amount of subsidy for onshore wind is creating an uncoordinated piece meal approach to planning and a ‘Dash for The Cash’.

These Subsidies Are Due For Review In The Next Few Months So The Time For Action Is Now.

What you need to do is write a letter highlighting your support for the MPs and include your own reasons why Wind Farm Subsidies should be stopped. You need to send your letters to:-

Prime Minister & First Lord of the Treasury
10 Downing Street


The back benches of Parliament are working hard to help us, the least we could do is show our support, the latest National Media Coverage has really got the momentum going and we are positive that this week the Pro Wind Campaigners will be challenging this, so we need to keep the pressure on, if the PM now also gets enough letters from the general public through the post then surely he cannot ignore the MPs and a large percentage of the population, remember without action we cannot win, and as we said above “Time For Action Is Now”.

Many thanks in advance for all your help, the last time we got together we left ‘Wind Turbines’ as the most annoying thing in Britain, this time lets leave Wind Power without Subsidy and then go from there.

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  1. Join us if you can on Saturday 3rd March in Inverness when we are marching from the Castle to Eden Court to demonstrate at the Lib Dem conference. Ed Davey (Huhne’s successor) is expected to be there. We have asked for a meeting with him. This is a chance, in Scotland, to tell the Westminster MPs what we think of their wind farm policy and how it is destroying Scotland. Go to for more info.

  2. Most people know that wind-farms would not exist without subsidies. And most people know that they are a threat to our most beautiful countryside. What most people don’t know is that these subsidies (which go mostly to foreign companies and rich landowners) aren’t paid by the government, but instead are financed entirely from electricity bills. This covert tariff throttles economic growth, makes our exports less competitive, and is horrendous for the seven million people in fuel poverty.

    If you want this scam to end, please vote for a recent e-petition that asks for a reform of wind-farm subsidies that will reduce electricity bills. Please go either to the government e-petition website (, and then type “reduce electricity bills”. Or you only have to Google: “electricity petition”.