Make Yorkshire Wolds (AONB) e-Petition

The Yorkshire Wolds is currently under threat from the Wind Farm Industry. Applications to build major commercial developments are spreading across the Wolds at an alarming rate and threaten to devalue this valued landscape.

Here at the No to Wolds Wind Farm Group we already consider this area an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) but it has yet to be offically recognised as such. The Lincolnshire Wolds already benefits from this protection so why not the Yorkshire Wolds?

Please help us to protect this rural landscape by signing our e-petition below, you will also be registering to receive email updates form us, the area is a big part of our heritage and adds greatly to the local economy with the many visitors attracted, by doing so you will help to put an end to The War on The Wolds.

We the undersigned request that the Yorkshire Wolds is protected with an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) status to help prevent the current spread of unwanted commercial developments.

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Below is a list of the last 10 sign ups.

Mrs D Hallard, Ipstones, Staffordshire
Travelling up through the Yorkshire Wolds recently, for the first time in about two years, I was absolutely mortified at the sight of so many wind turbines now scarring this once beautiful landscape. As a place my husband and I were looking to retire to, it is now completely crossed off our list. The Yorkshire Wold have been ruined!

john, beverley, e yorkshire
not necessary and of absolutely no benefit to 99.9% of the local population, complete no-brainer.

Ann, middleton-on-the-wolds, East Yorksire
People do not want anymore wind turbines in East Yorkshire we have got enough, these people are wanting to ruin our beautiful wolds.

Avril deehan, Driffield, East yorkshire
It is only the combined voice of the people that will stop the wind farms spoiling our beautiful Wolds. What people will do for money never ceases to amase me, I would prefer my children and grandchildren to see the beautiful Countryside, not the noisy, wind farms

xxxxxxxx, driffield, East Yorkshire

lucy kitt, driffield, East Yorkshire

The Energy Companies and the Land owners who have had the barefaced cheek to suggest placing these warts on the Wolds should be boycotted financially and socially.

Mrs BA Hale, Huggate, East Yorkshire

xxxxxxxx, Beeford, East Riding of yorkshire
Yorkshire Wolds should be protected and tourism supported. Solar on farm buildings is far less obtrusive.

Richard Duree, Malton, North Yorkshire
The Yorkshire Wolds are often forgotten owing to being a little off the beaten track and also because of the relative obvious grandeur of the nearby York Moors and Yorkshire Dales. However, in addition to their remarkable history and unique appearance taken on their own merit they are without doubt worthy of AONB status.

We would be grateful if you could let anyone know who may be interested in signing our e-petition by emailing them a link to this page, many thanks in advance.