Make Yorkshire Wolds (AONB) e-Petition

The Yorkshire Wolds is currently under threat from the Wind Farm Industry. Applications to build major commercial developments are spreading across the Wolds at an alarming rate and threaten to devalue this valued landscape.

Here at the No to Wolds Wind Farm Group we already consider this area an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) but it has yet to be offically recognised as such. The Lincolnshire Wolds already benefits from this protection so why not the Yorkshire Wolds?

Please help us to protect this rural landscape by signing our e-petition below, you will also be registering to receive email updates form us, the area is a big part of our heritage and adds greatly to the local economy with the many visitors attracted, by doing so you will help to put an end to The War on The Wolds.

We the undersigned request that the Yorkshire Wolds is protected with an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) status to help prevent the current spread of unwanted commercial developments.

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Below is a list of the last 10 sign ups.

Douglas Smart, Carnoustie, Angus
One of the main reasons windfarms are built is for the subsidies,these are at a great cost to the taxpayer and our utility bills, at long last I believe the goverment is to stop this, if we give the goverment our full support regarding this matter then I do not see many more windfarms built in the future there will be a lot of blustering against it but it will be nice to see the boot on the other foot for a change

xxxxxxxx, Harrogate, North Yorkshire
The beautiful Yorkshire Wolds do not need this industrialisation and therefore need protection from these inefficient and expensive turbines. To destroy this peaceful area would be sacriledge. I feel that this should be an AONB, it matters for all of us and for the future enjoyment of the area by residents and visitors alike.

sue, Richmond, North Yorkshire
My daughter lives in the Wolds and we noticed the creep of the windmills there. Now the Vale of Mowbray is going the same way.
All new housing should have ground heat and solar installed and everyone should have help to do the same. This is how the billions spent on windfarms should be distributed so everyone benefits including the climate not into the pockets of the few.

James j williams, Goole, humberside
East Yorkshire is now the land of the wind-turbine. No more we must be out of wind by now

leanne wood, york, east yorkshire
when we bought our property nearly nine years ago there were no turbines now from just one window in the property we can see at least 50. We have just received a planning notice for an 86 metre turbine behind us and know that the company who own the windfarm opposite are seeking to extend their site by another 12 turbines. I am feeling very hemmed in.

Lisa Bradley, Ilkley, West yorks

Patricia Lester, Llanfoist, Aergavenny,, Monmouthshire
"A society is defined not only by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy." - John Sawhill

I think this quote says it all. We are fighting against a 45metre high wind turbine planning application overlooking the Taf Estuary in Wales. It is a site designated as an AoNB,SAC, SPA and a European area of Marine conservation as well as being a famous tourist area - Laugharne and Llansteffan and of great historical significance. It is about time that the government stopped giving subsidies to landowners, rich power companies and considered the concept that we must not destroy the beauty of our built and natural heritage. To destroy the landscape, the tranquility that we enjoy in our landscape, the birds and other wildlife in order to give money (out of our pockets ultimately) to one or two is horrendous. The ecological survey for these applications are hugely flawed and miss-leading and the councilors are being inundated with thousands of these applications that are being rushed through before the subsidies and feed in tariffs are reduced. As tourists we come to places like the Yorkshire wolds to re-charge our batteries in order to cope with our noisy/busy/intense lives. We have a right to enjoy such places.

Melanie OKANE, , E Yorks


Diann Atkin, Cowlam, East Yorkshire
Please resist the huge pressure to build wind turbines on our glorious, beautiful , tranquil yorkshire wolds. These windfarms are totally out of character and will totally ruin the amenity value of this high value landscape. The area has become an important cycle route and has been given an enormous tourism boost by the artistic attention given to the area by the greatest living artist., David Hockney who spurned the bright lights of Los Angeles to live in the East Riding. The wolds are fast becoming known as Hockney country. Yorkshire has been given the status of third place through out the world as the best place to visit. But will they say dont bother visiting the yorkshire wolds as it is only home to windfarms. Stop industrialising our beautiful yorkshire wolds.

We would be grateful if you could let anyone know who may be interested in signing our e-petition by emailing them a link to this page, many thanks in advance.