Make Yorkshire Wolds (AONB) e-Petition

The Yorkshire Wolds is currently under threat from the Wind Farm Industry. Applications to build major commercial developments are spreading across the Wolds at an alarming rate and threaten to devalue this valued landscape.

Here at the No to Wolds Wind Farm Group we already consider this area an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) but it has yet to be offically recognised as such. The Lincolnshire Wolds already benefits from this protection so why not the Yorkshire Wolds?

Please help us to protect this rural landscape by signing our e-petition below, you will also be registering to receive email updates form us, the area is a big part of our heritage and adds greatly to the local economy with the many visitors attracted, by doing so you will help to put an end to The War on The Wolds.

We the undersigned request that the Yorkshire Wolds is protected with an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) status to help prevent the current spread of unwanted commercial developments.

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Below is a list of the last 10 sign ups.

r w thurston, driffieid, e yorks
Existing windfarm sites in east yorks have already
reached more than an acceptable density and is turning the area into an industrial site.
The Wolds are a tourist attraction and bring economic benefits into the area which will come under threat with even more wind turbines, not to mention more traffic movement.

Pat Stanford, Pockilington, Yorkshire

Jennifer Collins, Hull, E.Yorks
Locally we have been fighting plans for a wind turbine. Our coast and the road to York are blighted by wind turbines , now they want to ruin the Wolds!!!!!

j mccaffrey, york, n yorkshire
Not only do these massive wind farms spoil vast areas of our countryside, the mining of the precious metals essential for the mechanisms in these turbines is causing untold ecological damage in the countries where they are being mined. This fact seems to be conveniently forgotten by government and energy companies.

T. S. Reynolds, Antingham, Norfolk
1. Financial. There is only one reason for these turbines to be built, the only reason is to make money for the company and the applicant, there is no other possible reason for building these massive things despoiling the landscape, if there was no subsidy, it wouldn’t even be considered. So, all in the UK will pay whether or not they can afford to.

2. Community benefits. All applications of this sort try to suppress local opposition with this. This one is no different. If the applicants feels so strongly about these then he can contribute without the subsidy income from this turbine.

In summary, this is yet another unwanted planning application for wind “power” all previous ones have been vigorously opposed (circa 90% objection averaged over past applications) this one will be no different, it will be extremely vigorously opposed also. There is no possible UK need for such a small amount of power.

Sande reynolds, Antingham, Norfolk
We have close family in the proposed area. Fight these huge monstrosities which are not green as they have a nuclear core and a life of up to 20 years only, they then rust in the ground as no one wants the cost of taking them down. They cause distress to both humans and wildlife.

angie, fridaythorpe, east yorkshire
Our wolds are beautiful we deserve A O N B. Please protect them. Everyone must join in and sign this petition.

H C May, Driffield, E Yorks
There are too many wind farms in East Yorkshire now.How can we stop more being built?

xxxxxxxx, Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire
we do not need these wind farms, we like many others are proud of Yorkshires natural beauty, the wolds is a very special place for all to enjoy. Please leave it alone so it's beauty can be passed to future generations.

john Watts, Thirsk, North Yorkshire
The Wolds is such a beautiful area and should not be industrialised by large, dominant wind turbines or other unwanted commercial developments. It certainly should be protected as an A.O.N.B.

We would be grateful if you could let anyone know who may be interested in signing our e-petition by emailing them a link to this page, many thanks in advance.